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Trent Park Country Club

Rebrand & Website Design

Pelekan Design was tasked with rebranding Trent Park Country Club with the goal of re-inventing the Country Club into a young, stylish and go to place for the mid twenties - thirties.

We designed a complete brand guidelines which included a new logo and stamp, colour ways, fonts and photography style. A complete redesign and rebuild of their existing website enabled bookings to be taken online, revolutionising the club and growing the reach and profitability enormously within the first year. A new concept restaurant was also developed and branded called Lily's Lounge. All event adverts and flyer were designed by Pelekan design.

Pelekan Design was also responsible for managing their social media and social media strategy which involved photography, animation and graphic design. Within the first year we grew the social media reach on Facebook and Instagram by over 3000%.

The Club now is the place to be in North London and attracts people from all around London and the surrounding areas.


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pelekan design
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