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Florentia Clothing Village

Rebrand & Wayfinding

Pelekan Design was tasked with a mammoth task of completely redesigning the famous Florentia Clothing Village in Harringay, North London.

Since its inception in 1983, Florentia Clothing Village has primarily been associated with quality clothing manufacture. It was the arrival of a TV and film production company in 2013 that snowballed interest from an array of artists.

Florentia Clothing Village is home to a vast array of businesses whose motivation to work within a community of like-minded creatives is a priority – ideal for those who demand a London base with the great value that North London offers.

With the first studios built in the early 1900’s, our colourful, secure and accessible site ranges across 4 acres and incorporates 30 large-scale studios of 200 to 4000 square feet. The project involved a rebrand of their logo and all way finding around the huge site including maps, signage and directional signage. Not only bringing the Village into the modern day but also creating a  functional design that will help navigate visitors and residents around the site. To make it easier to navigate around the site Pelekan Design came up with a clever colour coded system which created a colour for each section of the site. Complementing the colours of the buildings and surrounding scenery.


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