Anna Lingis Make Up Artist Website Design

Pelekan Design has just completed the web design and build of the best make up artist in London Anna Lingis. She was a finalist at the Face 2015 Make Up Awards. So it has been a great honour and pleasure to work with Anna to help her take her brand to new heights.

This is a small testimonial from Anna Lingis:

"I am so happy that after 2 years of meetings & discussions with various website designers, I finally met someone who understood exactly what I wanted.

My new website was launched by UK leading Graphic Design agency Pelekan Design. Founder and designer Nick understood exactly what I wanted from the start and took on board all my feedback and requests and he delivered! What I loved the most, was the fact that we are both artists and that we were able to bounce ideas off each other. I feel we both collaborated really well and as an artist that's what made it even more perfect for me.

My main goal was to have a website that people could easily use. I don't like those complicated websites with half a million pop ups, and too much fuss. I knew early on that my website was going to be straightforward, nice and clean and to let the images do the talking. Eg. If you go to a gallery, they are often large empty spaces with images on walls or hanging off a ceiling, and the art would do the talking. I wanted the same impact and I feel that Pelekan Design helped me achieved that. I wanted a site that had easy access with a simple CMS system where I could update content myself.

I welcome all constructive feedback, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any thoughts."

In the meantime, MASSIVE thanks to Nick again. Enjoy!!

Anna x

Please see website here: