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Operation Self Rest

I would like to introduce Pelekan Designs newest client - Jake Nawrocki.

Jake has a self help podcast on i-Tunes called Operation Self Reset. He is a motivational speaker, firefighter and all round great guy, based in Wisconsin, America we connected over the internet as I have long been listening to his podcast.

I reached out to him after he put out a request on one of his shows that he was looking for a graphic designer to help design some t-shirts and a logo for an up and coming event he was hosting. From there i have been invited onto the show to speak and have recently designed some pop up stands for his up and coming talk in September. i hope to continue working together with Jake and i feel he could help me in my quest to becoming a more confident and focused designer. A true collaboration and partnership brought to life by 2 individual and passionate people can create amazing possibilities. Watch this space.

You can check out his site at:

operation self reset
Operation self reset pop ups

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