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New York Vendee 2016 Event Branding

Setting sail from the ‘Big Apple’, bound for what was the cradle of the IMOCA Class, the port of Les Sables d’Olonne, one could hardly ask for more in terms of symbolism. Pelekan Design was asked to deisgn the New York Vendee logo and boat branding assets. We created along with digital invitations and other design collateral to help support this exciting and high profile event.

We worked closely with the team at Ocean Masters to deliver a high spec and complicated logo for the event and the mainsails on all the boats. The event logo had to include Unesco, Ocean Masters, SGS, IOC and the JCOMMOPS logos to create a fully coheisive attractive logo that could be used on all media throughout the event.

We must say it was quite a proud moment to see the logo on the side of those beautiful boats in the sea in front on the Staute of Liberty.

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