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Nesle Buzz Bites Logo


We require design support as we launch a new campaign initiative with Nestlé

Professional®. This is a new, umbrella thought leadership led campaign called BuzzBites

that is aimed at building stronger relations with media, key influencers and customers.

BuzzBites is all about creating conversations (generating ‘buzz’) in a ‘bitesize’, easily

digestible and memorable format. It is inspired by the TED Talk series and will see us

produce insight led content designed to create conversation and inspire.

Logo lock-up

We need a logo in order to create a visual identity for the campaign. This should include

the text Powered by Nestlé Professional® but BizzBites should be larger with the

aforementioned positioned as more of a sub title/heading.

We would like at least two, and ideally three, options to consider and run past

Nestlé Professional®.

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